Organic Search has changed and is no longer the technical job it was in the past. Content and popularity have become more complex strategies, and continuous search engines’ algorithm updates bring new interstellar challenges.

Our approach

SEO is at the crossroads of other digital expertises and must, as such, be perfectly connected to other levers. Our commitment is therefore twofold: we want to guarantee the technical and semantic optimization of our clients’ platforms and to ensure that we create solar synergies with other digital activations.

Main Missions

Multi device technical audit

Technical optimization of your sites is a prerequisite for a good position in search engines.

Semantic strategy

The right definition of targeted keywords makes it possible to optimize the content of your sites and to enlarge the surface that can be referenced.

Advice and support

SEO support makes sense when advice is the guiding thread, in line with the rest of your digital strategy.

Measurement and control

Data measurement and analysis are essential in a search for SEO performance, because they allow prioritization and iteration.

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