Analytics, CRO & Business Intelligence

Data is power, especially where everything can be measured. You can’t reach the stars without metrics you can trust and an efficient digital cockpit to take actions at light speed.

Our approach

We clean and enhance your analytics with our secret sauce and build an AB testing roadmap for all your digital touchpoints and assets. All your digital metrics are leveraged after going throught the vortex of our powerfull bespoke dashboards, ultimate compass of all our decisions making for marketing operations.

Main missions

Data strategy & tagging

We define your digital goals, the tagging plan and related visualisations. We handle implementation within your platforms.

UX audit and path analysis

We analyze user behaviours across your website to identify improvement opportunities and build an efficient UX improvement roadmap.

Conversion rate optimization

We mix metrics analysis and session recording to build a prioritized multivariable testing program to improve business performances of your website.

Dashboarding & Business Intelligence

We define the right infos for you marketing day to day management and we build advanced custom dashboard that centralize, organise and calculate all your KPIs.

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