Yuri & Neil

Our mission

We make sure users are the center of gravity of digital strategies and ecosystems, in order to create amazing experiences for brands and their clients. 

How do we achieve our mission?

As a senior team, we use our deep digital expertise as a palette of different tools in order to achieve amazing client experiences, when these channels work in perfect harmony.

We do not rely on hacks! We build this future with our clients and in a long-term vision focus on the user journey and the relevance of the messages.

We work very closely with our clients, because we need their knowledge as much as they need ours, in order to build galactic strategies.

What makes us different

Effective: We are makers with a passion for strategy. Our solutions can be put into action immediately.

Connectors: We know how to create bridges to synchronize channels and teams to perfection.

Transparent & Transmitters: Our clients never depend on us, on the contrary. The more they are trained and autonomous, the longer our relationship will last.

They are aboard the rocket


The pilots


Christophe Leroy

Clément Boccardi

What matters to us



We do not want a supplier relationship: we build hand in hand by telling each other everything.


Whether at the marketing or organizational level, strategies, concepts and ideas need to be immediately useful.

User vision

Technicality is only a tool to accomplish a goal, which must always be useful to the end client.


We only work with clients for whom we have a genuine passion. Very often, they are very similar to us (or is it the opposite?).

Why “Yuri & Neil”?


We often have to solve paradoxes: we need to associate the work of the brand image with methods of performance, to make teams with opposite cultures work together, to merge technical skills with creative thinking… Even if finding these harmonies is very complex, it is they that make it possible to move up to light speed.

Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong were pioneers, brave but competing. If they had been part of the same team and had joined forces, humanity would surely have already walked the ground of Neptune.

“Yuri & Neil” embodies the power of the association of usually opposed energies, which in synergy allow to go very, very far.

Want to join us?

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Digital Marketing Consultant

Rocket pilot astronaut, experienced, rigorous and autonomous


Junior Digital Marketing Consultant (Internship)

Scientist on the road to space, curious, hard-working and motivated


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